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Happy Easter

Happy Easter everyone from me Vinnie. Mummy has built the BBQ and we are having a lovely BBQ tonight. It took her ages and I don't know how many times she had to take the legs off and turn them around and re attach them. Mummy was saying all sorts of things to the BBQ of which I couldn't repeat. Have a great weekend.

I love my ball

I LOVE MY BALL !!!! I love chasing my ball more than anything. I love my ball!!!

Why haven't I been told about this before.

I love the beach!!

The Beach

With the nice weather coming in we've been visiting Perranporth beach loads. Its great because I get to run around barking and chasing other dogs. I met a little girl who didn't like me, so I chased her telling her that I'm a nice dog. She kept running and started screaming. Mummy wasn't happy with me and told me off. (I saw Mummy laughing when she thought I wasn't looking). I love the beach!


Vinnie and Travis getting some good sniffing in. We do pet visitsOn Saturday we went to Kings Wood. It was a lovely warm day and I got to run along by the river and sniff everything in sight. I met lots of children on bikes which I didn't like and they go too fast. I love having adventures in the woods.


A lovely woodland walk.We do pet taxi.Well I've had a lovely weekend. I went to Trelissick gardens. Mummy let me off lead and I went flying around on the grass, we spent a couple of hours walking around. It was very pretty, I got to run ahead and meet lots of new dogs. I love being free!!

The biggun

Torros on the beach for the first time. Dog welfare.Well two weeks ago Mummy went out and came home with a huge thing. I thought it was a horse, but Mummy told me it was a dog called Torros. He's staying with us for a while until he can find his new family. Im not sure of him, he's a bit dopey and follows Mummy around all day, which is my job!!!

Nice day

Well I have been feeling very lively today. I have been for a couple of lovely walks in the sunshine. I ran around the field for a bit, looking for any spare food that may have been dropped, then I wandered with Mummy having a look around. I even walked past the men in yellow coats without barking on the way back. I couldn't help myself on the way there. Tomorrow someone id coming to fix the window, but Mummy will take me out after. Now to settle down for an afternoon nap.

Im still here

Hi Vinnie here. Mummy hasn't been typing my blog lately as she has been very busy. Im so happy the weather has improved as we get much nicer walks. We visit the beach and get to run around the village green. Mummy has bought me a new coat as it seems to be getting colder. I look so cute in it that mummy keeps kissing me. Today I'm spending the day laying on the bed while Mummy works on the computer. Im looking forward to tomorrow as Mummy is going to be doing some decorating. Ill keep nagging Mummy to update my blog if you do.

Another wet day

Ive had a quick walk today as the weather is bad AGAIN. Mummy put my coat on and her waterproofs and we walked down the hill. We met a lollypop man and I didnt like his lollypop. Then we came back up the hill and I'm now sitting in Mummys cardigan warm and comfy while Mummy updates her website.