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Puppy Classes

Puppy Training - first graduates done and happily completed.
Next cohort starts 23rd Feb. Fully booked at the moment, but we have a reserve list and waiting list for next cohort.

Another one

Finlay went to his forever home and found a lovely new family, but they have bought home another funny looking dog now. He likes to wee on the floor and its so funny when Mummy steps in it. I'm not sure about him but will keep you posted.


Well so much has happened. Mummy has bought this funny looking dog home and told us hes staying for a few days. Hes weird looking he has a pointy face like Travis and is all different colours. Mummy says hes a beagle and hes called Finlay.

I've started a course

I have recently started a course in animal psychology. It is mostly about dogs, but also includes small animals. I will hopefully be getting my diploma in a few months.


We have a new arrival. Her name is Lexy and she is very annoying. She is my sister and she keeps biting my bum and jumping on me. Hopefully she will grow out of it soon, mummy keeps saying.

Visiting Cornwall

Now that the weather has finally changed and we are in for some summer sun are you thinking of bringing your dog on holiday to Cornwall. There is some great dog friendly accommodation in the St Austell area. Although Cornwall is a very dog friendly place there are still some tourist attractions that are not dog friendly. If you fancy wandering over to the stunning St Michaels Mount or visiting the domes at the Eden project then why not consider letting Paws and More meet you at your accommodation or at the eden project where we can take your dog for the day or for a few hours. We will take them on a long walk and let them have a snooze and drop them back to you when you are ready. We will make sure your furry friend is looked after while you explore.

Whats new

Guess what we can now offer daycare and pet sitting. Check out the relevant pages for more details.

Look out for our ad.

We are going to be appearing in the new version of the St Austell post. The post gets delivered to over 30,000 homes in the St Austell area. Check out our advert when it pops through your door.

Where has he gone?

Well the big Torros has disappeared. Two people came and we went for a long walk, then when we got home he got in their car and went with them. Mummy misses him lots and keeps giving me cuddles when she talks about him. Im not bothered, I'm just wondering what we are going to get next (I miss him really).

Happy Easter

Happy Easter everyone from me Vinnie. Mummy has built the BBQ and we are having a lovely BBQ tonight. It took her ages and I don't know how many times she had to take the legs off and turn them around and re attach them. Mummy was saying all sorts of things to the BBQ of which I couldn't repeat. Have a great weekend.
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