Day Care

If a Dog Walk or visit is not enough we can offer a daycare service on a day to day basis. Your dog will be welcomed into our home, which has a secure garden and is very dog proof. During the day your dog will be given country/woodland/beach walks with our dogs and will be exhausted by the time you pick them up. The great thing about daycare is that they get to spend the day in a family environment and get lots of love and attention.
We can even take your dog in if you go on holiday. (All food must be provided by the customer).

Please note we don't take in multiple dogs unless they are part of the same family as we feel it is important that your dog gets the attention they deserve. All dogs must be fully vaccinated, must be friendly with other dogs and must be cat friendly. If we do need to leave the dogs alone for a short time we will make sure they are separated from our dogs and in a safe and secure place (we can crate them if required). If we already have a dog staying with us we will let you decide whether to use the service or not. Our policy is not to accept unneutered dogs and bitches.

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